Thursday, May 15, 2008

Turkish own democratic rules and Cyprus

"Our internal issues are being carefully watched by the Greek side. Let me end this article with an anecdote from the Bohcalian meeting, which hinted how many trump cards we give them to ruin our main positions. In the conversations we held in Bohcalian, Lordos said that a chief judge in Turkey is able to declare a party winning 47 percent of votes as an illegitimate party, over the night. If this Turkey sets being the constitutional guarantor as a condition for the solution of the issue, how can a Cypriot Greek accept such a thing?"

These are the words of Cengiz ÇANDAR. And he is so right.

I don't know, but according some well informed friends they are going to close down the AK party in Turkey. I admit, they are not that innocent as they claim to be. But closing down a ruling party, together with the Kurdish DTP, you shut down the voice of 60% of the Turkish voters. In my opinion, political disputes are for the parliament and constitutional disputes for the Courts of Turkey. At the moment, they are completely mixed, which leaves the ordinary Turk in limbo, but not the Western media and the EU.

One rhetoric question: if Turkish democracy can not survive by rule of law, both domestically and by means of international law, how can they solve the Cyprus problem?

For an outsider it must be confusing: who rules Turkey. The Turkish army or elected parliamentarians. And who rules Northern Cyprus?

Sea Language and Literature 5

Sea Language and Literature 5

the rose has come back. let the sun watchers laugh.

tied on its branch my letter is open
let the stars read it let the moon read it
let it be morning let it be love
i will then pour my ink into the sea
with its rain licked stamp

my skin is casting off: scale by scale
piece by piece my face is shedding
the ships inside me are cheering up
water is fluttering there, wind is crazy
my sky is azure, and my water wells are blue

as i change what i come across is the same road
beginning of the road is same, again so many pangs
its name is bitter, its smell is sweet: in fact my silvering
is on my own mirror, how i reflect is same

direction where my clock works is the rose
its artwork is exactly the leaf of love: this is
the reply to my heart asking: why am i walking
towards the face of the earth, why on earth
am i walking by shedding

the air I diffuse in is narrow, the place is isolated
plunging my hand into my left side: my wound is open
i am caressing my heart
cleaned blood in, blood out

Nurduran Duman
Translator: Neslihan AKAR

Deniz Dili ve Edenbiyatı 5

gül döndü. Gülsün güne bakanlar.

dalına bağladım mektubum açık
yıldızlar okusun ay okusun
sabah ola aşk ola
denize bırakacağım mürekkebimi
yağmur yalamış puluyla

derim değişiyor: pul pul
parça parça dökülüyor yüzüm
seviniyor içimdeki gemiler
su çırpınıyor orada, rüzgâr deli
göğüm gök, kuyularım da mavi

değiştikçe karşıma çıkan aynı yol
yolun aynı başı, gene onca sancı
adı acı, kokusu tatlı: oysa sırım
kendi aynamda, yansıdığım aynı

saatimin çalıştığı yön güldür
işlediği yaprağıdır tam aşkın: neden
yerin yüzüne yürümekteyim
diyen kalbime yanıttır: yeryüzünde
döküle döküle yürümekteyim neden

yayıldığım hava dar, mekân kopuk
elimi daldırıp sol yanıma: yaram açık
kendim okşuyorum kalbimi
temiz kan içeri, kan dışarı.

Nurduran Duman

Note; on the previous blog, I posted around 10 poems of my friend Nurduran Duman. More informtion about her you will find here and here.

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