Saturday, April 26, 2008

Paris, je t'aime! - The movie.

A movie with 20 directors. A movie which is a mosaic of 20 different love stories, each representing and showing the beauty of the 20 arrondissements of Paris. With well known and unknown actress and actors. A story about sickness to the supernatural, the love of parents to the love of husbands, this film covers all the bases of romantic storytelling. In its beautiful and quirky way, each unique event somehow falls into place to tell a story: that of all types, sizes, nationalities, and shapes of love.
A movie which shows that the City of Light is really the City of Light and Love.
She: Kiss me on impulse! Surprise me!
He: Me, me, me, me! You always want your feelings understood! But mine are childish! Sex isn't disgusting unless you make it disgusting! There can be beauty in this place too!
I was a child when my parents took me to Paris in 1970. The last time I visited this city was in 2002; visiting friends on my way from Miami to Amsterdam. It was a nice 4 days break between sexy Miami and sexy Amsterdam.


Started this new blog full of enthusiasm early this year with some co bloggers, but due to some medical - not critical - situations, Sandra and I are in fact the only bloggers here. But this will finally change soon. I don't give up to bring people from Turkey and surrounding countries here together.

It was nice to discover two new bloggers from Adana through Jake and Ardent their blogs.
Both Vedat and Ersin are students International Relations at Cag University, Adana, Turkey. And these kind of people Turkey needs definitely in the future! If not now?!
Their blogs are added to the bloggroll of Internations and some other blogs their domain names are updated.

Day opening - April 26

Indian painting, unknown.