Friday, April 18, 2008

Homesick after all?

Maybe I’ve seen too many American movies lately, but I really feel some kind of homesickness for the USA. Or maybe I am simple tired of the self destruction of the Turkish politics, the noisy sounds in the Turkish press, lack of innovative and open mindedness in business life, the pollution of the air, water, land and thus food – full of pesticides – and the ‘avoiding of hot issues’ like everybody will be fine tomorrow. I am also sick and tired of comments of people saying that ‘Turkey is unique in the world and should be handled accordingly’. These kind of ‘retards’ with their pockets full of ignorance act still on behalf of Turkey as it is the Really Most Important Country in The World. Most of them never crossed borders with Greece or any other country, so they are stuck in their nationalistic but oh so dangerous minds. Enfin, I am tired. And have to think hard what I will do. Have some projects running here in Turkey, but Athens is one hr. away and NYC in fact 9 hrs. We will see. Happy Weekend.
But its a good sign that I'm not homesick for the Netherlands. If so, then I am the retard.

Day opening - April 18

Th Eternal Flame in the Hall of Remembrance, Yad Vashem memorial museum, Jerusalem, Israel.