Sunday, April 13, 2008

the -ism

Nazism, racism, fascism, orientalism, islamism, creativism, existentialism, nationalism, reactivism, neo conism, fatalism, Europeanism, liberalism...

Living in Turkey means also; 'understand these words very well'. Since some neo classical Turkish liberals, ultra nationalists and second handed socialists/reactionairs wrapped these words up and throw these words to the EU and Europeans, as defending 'Turkishness', we have to look out...but are we, Europeans really that bad?
As of the the Grey Wolves of the MHP are boy scouts, the AKP officials nation wide are Love Preachers and the Youth club of the CHP are taken seriously by their seniors. Give me a break.
Barroso his visit was well timed, but everybody with common sense must know that this 'cold welcome' is the start of the end between Turkey and the EU.
What we Dutch are saying in this kind of situations: 'je bent overgeleverd aan de wolven', in English; 'you're in the hands of the wolves now'. No escape possible. No way out anymore.

Mustafa A. wrote an interesting article about labelling people. It can be read here.

Day Openıng - April 13

There are several places and occasions which stole my heart. One of these is the amazing beauty and serene atmosphere of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

This picture of Adam reaching out to God, became world famous.

On the right 'the Face of God'.