Saturday, April 12, 2008

Totally Nonsense described the Vice Presidents of the European socialists, whereof the CHP is still (...) part of, the move by the acting Speaker of the Turkish parliament - Güldal Mumcu - by not sending the proposal to amend art. 301 to the commission. She is acting Speaker, since Parliament Speaker Koksal Toptan is in China. Give the CHP one finger and they grab your hand; give them the slightest possibililty to derail The EU-Turkey process and they will do so. Subversive?
They will do perfect in Europe by siding with ultra conservative parties such as LAOS from Greece.
As a good reactionair she replied with a written statement which makes it even more hilarious: '“The comments that have recently found wide coverage in the press saying that I have not sent the proposal to amend Article 301 to the Justice Commission yet due to pressure from the CHP exceed the boundaries of criticism,” she noted.
If the CHP will ever been elected in the European parliament, which I doubt, they will fill for sure every day a complain about being 'insulted, offended, criticized and so on'. For your information, the AKP will no do better in my opinion...

Day Opening - April 12

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