Friday, April 4, 2008

40 years ago

Last pictures of Martin L. King.

...his dream ended. A profound visionair and humble man.

Silentium. Volo loquor quispiam.

Yes, I have something to say. If I might so.

The clip of the right wing Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders caused some uproar, especially in Pakistan and Indonesia. If you want to see those violent pictures, Google it, I am not going to provide you these. But what disturbs me is the maternalistic attitude of a Turkish 'connoisseur' of the Dutch political scene. As she writes:

'All in all, the main burden seems to be on the shoulders of the Muslim minorities of the Netherlands. Dutch Muslims need to present their own Islam if Islam presented by Wilders is not the one of their own.'
'Muslim minorities need to provide their own explanation of Islam for those seeking information. A lot remains to be done to provide the Dutch society information sources other than the provocative film of Mr. Wilders. The Muslim minority influence still remains to be limited in terms of contributing to the context by which news stories influence how people perceive and evaluate issues and policies.'

Question 1:
What is your 'own' Islam?

Questions 2:
The Dutch society, as you stated, did so much for the Muslim communities, why is there still a parallel society created by your own Muslims? Not accepting the Western style?

Question 3:
Why are the minorities in Turkey so oppressed that even the Greek and Armenian Patriarch and their premises, which are confiscated - but they still are allowed to use it - are under police protection 24hrs/12mths/365days?
We are speaking here about 2.000 Greek Orthodox and 60.000 Armenians on a population of 71 million. We talk about a group of 'outsiders' of less than 1%, and you limited them. Out of the popular thought that the 'Turkeyi's race is superior?

Question 4:
Minorities in Turkey face problems and even prosecution, when they open ask for recognition of their status. For example: not one church is built in Turkey since 1908, while - by then - a significant of the Anatolian Homeland are Christians?

In the meanwhile, mosques, Islamistic schools, social centres etc. are set up with Dutch and EU tax money in Europe the last 40 years to help to integrate the Turkish Muslim society to find their way in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Norway and so on.
Why are the West so hated, while the West only helps?

about Art Nouveau

Winter by Alphonse Mucha.

Art Nouveau was a new style in the visual arts and architecture that developed in Europe and North America at the end of the nineteenth century (ca. 1890-1914 start WWI)

At its height exactly one hundred years ago, Art Nouveau was a concerted attempt to create an international style based on decoration. It was developed by a brilliant and energetic generation of artists and designers, who sought to fashion an art form appropriate to the modern age.

During this extraordinary time, urban life as we now understand it was established.

Old customs, habits, and artistic styles sat alongside new, combining a wide range of contradictory images and ideas. Many artists, designers, and architects were excited by new technologies and lifestyles, while others retreated into the past, embracing the spirit world, fantasy, and myth.

Art Nouveau was in many ways a response to the Industrial Revolution. Some artists welcomed technological progress and embraced the aesthetic possibilities of new materials such as cast iron.

Others deplored the shoddiness of mass-produced machine-made goods and aimed to elevate the decorative arts to the level of fine art by applying the highest standards of craftsmanship and design to everyday objects.

Art Nouveau designers also believed that all the arts should work in harmony to create a "total work of art," or Gesamtkunstwerk: buildings, furniture, textiles, clothes, and jewelry all conformed to the principles of Art Nouveau.
Art Nouveau was succeeded by Art Deco, a more decadent style (1920-1940)

Day Opening - April 4

Jugendstil Candelabra - Art Nouveau