Thursday, April 3, 2008

Joost Lagendijk stops.

Joost Lagendijk, member of the European Parliament for the Dutch Greens and co-chairman of the delegation of the Joint EU-Turkey Parliamentary Committee, will not return in the European parliament after the EU elections in 2009. He decided to stop after 10 intensive years.
Joost Lagendijk made tremendous efforts to help Turkey on its path towards EU membership.
In his last article for Today's Zaman he harshly criticised the current developments in Turkey.
Joost is married to Nevin Sungur, a Turkish TV-journalist. The both of them are working on a book about Turkey which will be released next year.

The Venice Commission on shutting down parties.

The “European criteria” on abolition of parties are stated in the resolutions adopted in 2000 by the Venice Commission, an advisory body of the Council of Europe, founded in 1990 and composed of independent members in the field of constitutional law. Venice resolutions read that shutting down the parties may only be justified if parties advocate the use of violence or use violence as a political means to overthrow the democratic constitutional order.

Turkey is a member, judgments of the Venice Commission should be abided by the Turkish law system. Therefore, constitutional changes in this direction will clear the way to Turkey's EU accession. So amendments are necessary and mandatory. The judiciary overthrew the government; legislation should not follow the same fate.
Read here Cengiz ÇANDAR his article.

Day Opening - April 3

"Tender Shoulder" by Hessam Abrishami.