Friday, March 28, 2008

Busy Fitna

Yesterday "Fitna the movie" is released at 19:00 local Dutch time by
There are two versions of the movie, a Dutch and an English one.

Within an hour the Dutch version was already watched for 75,000 times.
Due to a very busy server I'm one of the people who hasn’t seen it yet!

The administrators of the site said that this is the first time that their site have problems with the server. They offered their excuse. I can not believe that there is an internetsite without serverproblems these days! But anyhow it's polite.......

They also announced that they are not supporting the ideology of Wilders, but that they believe in freedom of speech and expression. I don't care if they are supporting the movie or not! All I want is to watch the movie and that their serverproblems are solved!

I can't say anything yet about the movie. But it's giving me a headache already! Because of my curiosity i'm still sitting in front of my desktop instead of lying in my warm bed!

I give it a last try. The server is still busy.
Sweet dreams.

Day Opening - March 28

Marlene Dietrich in "Shanghai Express".