Sunday, March 23, 2008

YouTube Blocked and the Close of AK Party: Repercussions for Turkish Society

What does blocking YouTube in Turkey and the Turkish Constitutional Court trying to close the AK Party have in common? Refusal to understand the democratic right to freedom of speech for all people and for society to elect their officials.

Isn't a National Court supposed to respect people's rights instead of quashing them?

Why does the Turkish Court continue to waste time on cases which only result in less freedom, less understanding, and of greater importance, negative publicity?

Holiday Branding -Armani

As a kid, I used to leave the Easter Bunny a few carrots, just to make sure I got some good chocolates. Now that I’m an adult, what do I have to do to make sure I get some Armani Easter Eggs this year?

“Embossed with the unmistakable ‘A’ and delivered in a sky blue box dressed with a ribbon, these chocolate eggs are not for the children to hunt down in the yard, but for a special someone who deserves some sweetness this spring,” Luxist describes.

The epitome of good taste, in every sense, these golden eggs are just a matter of deciding whether or not to get one, just a question of how to accessorize. They look so good, I may just have to buy one for myself.
You don’t have to wait for Easter to pick one up, and you’ll probably miss out if you do. They hit Armani stores in mid-February. Next year?

Day Opening - March 23

Happy Easter!