Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Miauschwitz. Catacaust in Peking

No cats allowed during the Olympic Games in China.

Countries of Milk and Honey

Al-Ayyam, March 4, 2008 (Bahrain)

The barrage of rocket fire from Gaza and Israel’s military action to stem the attacks on its cities have prompted an outpouring of offensive and bigoted commentary in the Arab press, whose response came in the form of a series of rapid-fire editorial cartoons using swastikas, classical anti-Semitic images and other hateful references to the Holocaust to vilify Israel and portray the Jewish state as an aggressor with genocidal ambitions.
Many of the cartoons are rife with Holocaust imagery and blatant analogies between Israel’s military action and the killing of European Jews during the Holocaust in World War II.

The cartoons feature swastikas and describe the defensive measures Israel has taken as a “Holocaust” in Gaza. Holocaust imagery and direct comparisons to the Holocaust are a common feature of the anti-Semitic cartoons that regularly appear in Arab newspapers across the Middle East and throughout the Muslim world.

The following days I will publish selected examples from Arab newspapers.

My God

'Beard men' in Herat Afghanistan, deep in prayers, shouting 'Holland death'.
Always nice to know that some religious people think that they can ask their 'Allah' to destroy a country...was not aware of this fatwa...
And, of course, the OIC is telling us: 'these people are only a fraction of the Muslim community'...but they forget all the time to tell that only a 'fraction' can cause huge disasters. Explain this to the people of NYC, Madrid, Baghdad, Bali, London, Argentina, Amsterdam and so on...
Maybe time to stop humanitarian aid? God knows?!

The truth shall set us Free.

Can we solve problems with violence? Are we able to discuss another opinion, which is different than 'us' - I still don't understand 'us' in the Turkish society?!
Can we reach out to each other, in case of reconciliation in our societies?
And, can we live on the same soil without taking each others rights for a decent life?

Recently, I watched the movie
'Country of my Skull'. An amazing non fiction story about the the Truth and Reconciliation commission in South Africa.

One scene shocked me: a boy, 12 years young, sitting in front of the commission refused to talk since his parents were strangled to death in front of his eyes, when he was 5. The two policemen, who committed this crime were talking. One of them, haunted with nightmares, kneeled in front of him, asking: 'what can I do'. The boy's answer was simple; he huged him.

Its time for Turkey to embrace its past, and to let go. Like what Mandela said: the truth, revealed or not, will always have an effect on us.

Day Opening - March 11