Sunday, March 9, 2008

'Swedish Imperialism'...

Danish government groups accused yesterday the Swedish multi national IKEA of 'imperialism'.
The good old words of the Cold War: imperialism, totalirism, fascism, strong and soft power (in Turkey only) Nazism, orientalism and so on, until the clouds will touch the earth, became a laughter.
Since IKEA are using Danish places as names for some of their furniture, like Aarhus and Brondby etc. this is suddenly an act of Swedish imperialism?
My God: the Turks could not 'fabrice' a Tulip, so now the Dutch, well known how to cultivate the tulip, will get the same acquisisitions.
Together will Dutch Roses, as Frank Sinatra already discovered...
Yes, the Dutch conquered the world with the smell of Tulips and Roses..)

Day Opening - March 9

"Study for Flamenco" painted by my favourite artist Fabian Perez.