Friday, March 7, 2008

One of our cohorts reminded me today that I'm in a special place in mid America. Yes, Fortune magazine released their Most Admired Companies list for 2008, and Iowa placed high for three corporations, so stop laughing at me. It's one more reason why the Iowa quality of life ranks high on the "best" places to live in America.

What corporations give Iowa such honor? Principal Financial Group, HNI, and Meredith Corporation. Fortunately for me, I know people!

Just today, I met with a Turkish woman from Ankara who works at Meredith. Thanks to her, we conversed about Turkey and all things in it. I felt like we were just sitting in Turkey with only one thing missing--the tea. Aaahhh! Turkish tea, my amour.

Day Opening - March 7

Boys in Bali, Indonesia, carry giant 'ogoh-ogoh' effigies - dolls that represent evil spirits - in preparation for Silence Day on Friday when Balinese Hindus welcome in the New Year.