Thursday, March 6, 2008

'Substantial' Dutch terror risk

As a result of the documentary made by Geert Wilders, a Dutch MP and lawmaker, the Netherlands became at risk. In fact the Dutch resides abroad. A warning is sent out.

In the meanwhile, people attacked a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem, killing at least 7 students.

The results of today's suicide attacks reached more than 50 citizens. And in Gaza celebrations were held over the death of 7 Jewish people today. Yes, Islam is not a moderated religion as Erdogan said...

You are young and want something with your life

You are young and have a life is in front of you. You are 23 and in fact, you don't have to work anymore. You stopped with your Harvard education, since you became president of a company which you created. On your bank account you have more that 1.5 billion dollars to spend. You are the youngest on Forbes richest people list. You ranks 758 on this list and belong to the 1000 richest people on earth. Your name is Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

Coming Soon

Since yesterday the site of Geert Wilders,, is online.
Two weeks ago Geert Wilders announced that he will show Fitna in any case on his own site since Dutch Television stations are reluctant to broadcast it.

Geert Wilders is still busy with negotiations with different television programmes to show his film on Dutch and foreign television, but little progress is made.

His highly controversial documentary sparks already protests in the Muslim world, although nobody have seen this documentary yet.

Day Opening - March 6

Crane in Belgium