Monday, March 3, 2008

The Rosslyn Chapel

The Rosslyn Chapel, one of the places mentioned in The Da Vinci Code got more attention since the publication of the book eight years ago.
The Chapel has no lack of visitors since the popular book
has been filmed and happily counts out 14 euros for a ticket. There are even special Da Vinci code tours!

Meanwhile the management has added 2,7 million euros on their bank account.
The money is used for modernization of the old Chapel and the construction of a new visitor centre.

The Chapel stands in the Scottish Midlothian.

Rosslyn Chapel is touted as being one of the most mysterious places in Scotland, especially with the current gloat of books purporting to show how hidden secrets lurk within every crack of stone at this venerated place.
Anybody who has ever visited the chapel may feel that it deserves its current status, and I must confess the atmosphere even on a busy day is something to be experienced. The exquisite carvings are some of the best in the whole of Europe, and portray scenes not found in any other 15th century chapel.

It has become a kind of Mecca to those interested in the mysteries of life, and contains many carvings relevant to biblical, masonic, pagan and Knights Templar themes.

Offensive Documentary on the Koran in Netherlands

Is there another crisis mounting due to a Dutch lawmaker's offensive documentary about the Koran to be posted on the internet ? The Dutch Justice Minister pleads with this unpopular lawmaker not to post such offensive material because it may impact the economy.

How about the harm it will do among the citizens of the Netherlands, not to mention the millions of Muslims and other people around the world who wish for a cease and desist among the religious warmongers?

Check out the Holland Crisis and weigh in on your thoughts about the latest.

An evangelist in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands almost 50% of its citizens are non-affiliated (with any main religion). Which was 50 years ago different: you were Catholic, Protestant or Gereformeerd.
We didn't know the phenomen 'born-again' Christians or evangelists. Maybe one: Johan Maasbach but everybody considered him a fool.
Two weeks ago, Jan Zijlstra (no link in English available) announced through a flyer (see above) that he will create a Gideon's army to get the people back in the church.

What we know about Jan Zijlstra is that he is a medical-hoaxer, rely-healer and fraud who earns his money by 'healing' deadly sick people. Needless to say that he never really helped one of his 'clients'. His army is 300 'soldiers' strong...I am not sure if he knows the Dutch expression: the law applies for my neighbor, not for me...the same applies for religion...

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