Sunday, March 2, 2008

'Happy Slapping'

A new trend, which leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. A trend among the youth in Europe.
Below everything about it. 'Happy reading':
'Happy slapping' is the wrong description for an assault in which the attack is filmed. There's nothing happy about it, it's a bit like calling someone who steals a car and kills someone a 'joyrider'.
The first incidents started to get complaints about happy slapping in November 2004. The incidents took place in the London area, often on buses and trains, and quickly spread to the school playground and street.

The assault usually involves a stranger being hit over the head while other members of the gang take photographs/video on their camera phones.

The pictures are then circulated by mobile phone or put on the internet. In recent months happy slapping has become an unpleasant and dangerous craze.
There have been a number of high profile cases in which attackers have been jailed for killing people in this way.
Where happy slapping attacks have happened in school playgrounds pupils have been afraid to return to school.
Anyone who thinks this is just a bit of harmless fun should think about the consequences.

Riding the Waves of Cultures... the name of a book, written by one of the most world famous cross cultural communication experts: Fons Trompenaars. He and Geert Hofstede, created a pool of information about cross cultural issues without falling in the trap of political, social and/or religious prejudices.

There are journalists/writers/bloggers out there who simple can not understand that 'your own mind' is not the epicentre of the world as an existentialist as Simone de Beauvoir told us. Bea, who understand this, wrote an interesting post about this. While someone else try to do the opposite; incite hate, based upon assumptions *read entry March 2, and try to make the Turks feel less, inferior. In fact this person is trying to project his own inferior complex on others.

We are living in a highly polarized society; national, local and global. And sometimes it looks like there is no way out; out of all this misery. But my respects goes out to people who try to build bridges, not to destroy them with their super nationalistic ignorance, which even can not feed their narcissistic behaviour as the person who I quoted as the one who is doing 'the opposite'.

Day Opening - March 2

{Photographs by Andreas Sjödin; Styling by Harriet Mays Powell; via and love made visible}