Monday, February 25, 2008

Food war between similar cultures... Turkey and Greece

I am aware that it has been long time since my first message. Sorry for that! I will try to talk about my life here in Greece but just before that I decided to mention big differences between two cultures. Every time I will mention one of them.

Turks and Greeks! We were living (and Armenian, Jewish, Kurdish...etc. but here I will talk about only Turks and Greeks) almost 450 years together. And as a result, we have many common things: words, swear words, foods and also traditions which are good up to not to make political issues over them. I remember every time I was coming to Greece to see Thomas (my husband) and meeting with new people that some of them they wanted to say to me loud out enough “baklava is not Turkish, it is Greek”, “it is not Turkish coffee. It is Greek”. (and sometimes they were saying this just to have fun)

These kinds of conversations made me feel terribly uncomfortable because they were putting me – maybe unconsciously - in a defence situation that also I did not believe in that food has to have a "nationality'. And of course it was not nice to have an argument with them if you were a guest in a country and planning to live there in the future and see those people around you.

Back then, when Ottoman people invented these foods or whatever they were, we were members of the same society and we were sharing the same culture. Thus, it is ridiculous for me to say they are ours or they are yours. And the most funny things were that they had Turkish names like imambayildi, baklava, kazandibi, tavukgogsu…etc.

Anyway, these foods and the other things, they are delicious and I am happy to share with any nation

Coming up... next message…shortly:

Now we started to talk about foods, I have to mention about the biggest main difference between us. Turkish people are TEA addicted, Greek people are COFFEE addicted.

A new Cyprus

Now that the two clowns, Denktash and Papadopolous - both dominated Cyprus for 4 decades, don't have a say anymore, at least not directly, we must welcome the new President of Cyprus; Demetris Christofias.
Europe have now two countries whithin its borders which are educated communistic leaders: Christofas of Cyprus and Vladimir Voronin of Moldova.

Day Opening - February 25

Photographs by Andreas Sjödin; Styling by Harriet Mays Powell; via and love made visible