Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Word of the Day

Recently, I returned to America just to learn new vocabulary. Yes, I have perused the malls, the newspaper and the 951 channels on television, so I could increase my vocabulary for those interesting job assignments as writer. Hopefully, someone asks me to write about dying in America, then I can entertain readers with words I am sure were made up by Americans for the blossoming capitalist ventures.

Today's word is cemetarian. Ever hear of it? Yes, you're right! It has something to do with cemetaries. You know those things they say people are laid to rest. Ha! Well, the cemetarian will help you locate the best piece of real estate for you to enter or rather for you to inter your loved ones.

A word I had never heard before, but then only in the last few years must we have cemetarians to counsel us on how to pick a plot. Thank you but I'll just get cremated! Erkut, did you hear that?

For Sale....

America, wake up. Withdraw your troops from Iraq, and send them together with a bunch of para-troopers to Cuba! Our good old friend Castro stepped down as 'Presidente y Comandante.
He's done awful things, but education and healthcare in Cuba are unsurpassed. Nowhere else in the world can you go where there's no Coca-Cola, no McDonalds, no litter, no guns and very little crime. Sadly, a well educated population is also an aspirational population and people want more. And a country with free healtcare and free education. A bargain!
Good for McDonalds, Coca Cola, and many other companies. You probably get some 'warm tropical welcome'...and you can install his daughter named Alina Fernandez Reuvelta as the new president. She lives currently in exile in Miami where I once met her.
One interesting fact about Castro: there are no streets in Cuba named after Castro, and no statues or peso bills bearing his image.

Yes, WE Can!

I figure I wouldn't post something until I thought I had a good thing to say that was on-target, controversial or informative. Today, it came in my e-mailbox. I do have something else to share with you that showed up today in my vocabulary for editing purposes. Stay tuned for that one, but right now check out this link and tell us what you think!

Day Opening - February 19

Valentine's Day Pakistan.