Thursday, February 7, 2008

First Message...

Thank you Hans for brief information about me but I have to correct a small part :) I did my MSc in Mobile and Satellite Communication Department at University of Surrey. I am a telecommunication engineer with almost 7 years experience. As one of the consequences of living in Greece is that I studied Greek language at a university here in Thessaloniki last year and now I do another course, about web development. Additional to that, for 4 years now, I am trying to learn different forms of Flamenco dance. First in Istanbul and the last two years in Thessaloniki.

After long talks with Hans how it is living in Greece as a Turkish/foreign person, he kindly asked me to write in his blog time to time about my ideas. As I told him that, I won’t write about politics and I won’t answer any political question. For me nationality is just an etiquette that turned out somehow centuries ago to differentiate us, nothing more.

By the way nice to meet you Sandra, Vasili, Myrthe and Bea.


Day Opening - February 7

Chinese New Year 2008