Belgium Creative Agency Launches Internet Firing Squad

(ontsla means: ontslagen = fired - picture not well taken)

New trend name: 'Crowdsourced Corporate Layoffs'

Belgian creative agency So Nice has put up a website for the sole purpose of firing one of their eight employees (either that or they have created a clever scheme that capitalizes on the shoddy economy). You Choose We Fire features a Brady Bunch-style layout of those on the chopping block. According to the site, one of them has to go, and visitors to the site get to decide who it will be.


Burcu said…
i've already add your blog to my favourites and also our general non-greek language roll...

Keep blogging guys...

c ya
Unknown said…
Burcu, thanks.
I will create the link this weekends.
Nice blog you people have..))!!!
Roz said…
This is awful for the employees, unless it is a publicity stunt. It is bad enough to be faced with losing your job without the whole world looking at you and getting involved in the decision to get rid of you.

super hero said…
if this is for true, this is one of the sickest things ive seen in the internet.

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