Runners beware!

A quite forest walk is almost impossible these days. The woods, parks and even the streets are crowded with runners who are trying to keep up with today’s fashion that requires a 16-years-old body. Of course I didn’t run today to follow this fashion, I’m the exception that enjoys it to beat myself up.

Somewhere on the road I stopped to regain breath, do some stretching and enjoy the beautiful forest that I was missing. (To maintain the pace, it’s important to focus on one point and forget about everything that’s around you. When you start looking around, you’ll find yourself stepping into a pool of mud, hitting a tree or walking, realising that you’ve lost the nice running flow that’s so important to loose all that impossible body fat.)

Reality knocked on my head, literally: autumn has arrived and I realised it too late. A bunch of oak trees gave it’s fruit, right on top of my head. After that it became even more official. A wind came in, blowing away the first yellow leaves from the beech trees. The nice sun of this morning disappeared and the clouds that were the cause of it started to rain. So for those (at least here in Holland) who like to keep in shape in mother nature’s gym: be warned. Because if it’s not an acorn or a chestnut falling on your head it’s very likely a rain shower will make you aware of autumn’s arrival.


Anonymous said…
And here its still summer and nobody is running. In fact, nobody is never running here, only 'runnning' through the traffic jams..)

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