Living hell - news from Bagdad

By Dr. Mohammed.
The stress and anger reached its maximum levels with me…this can't be, I'm going nuts…something must be done and sadly I believe my words or anybody else can't change anything otherwise I would write continuously for a week.
We are living in a real hell now; for the past 3 days till now there is a sever sand storm, the sky is red and the air is suffocating added to that the heat is unbearable it reaches 60s and 70s C° in the sun and high 40s in the shade and since we have a sand storm then we can't open the windows and you can imagine how nice the weather is in a closed room in these temperatures…well, I bet you are thinking with your selves what is the problem? Just turn on the air conditioner or the air cooler!! Well, those are electrical devices and they need something really rare to operate; it's the holy electricity…yes, believe me in Iraq electricity is holy…
I think soon enough there will be a group of people that warships electricity…why not? People used to warship fire, and electricity is more important than fire!! I'm not crazy or getting close to be but read till the end and you would know what the situation is.It has been 5 days and there is no fuel in the gas stations! Yes 5 days without a single drop of fuel, that means I can't operate my home generator and once the fuel in the car is finished I'll have to stay at home and screw working, the queue for the gas station is about 6 km long with two rows and that means everything in Iraq will stop working pretty soon, even food will disappear from the markets if this continues ….it has been 4 days without electricity!! Well, we had it for 2 hours during the past 100 hours. You might ask your self "how are you able to use the computer and internet?" thanks to the neighborhood generator guy who is smart and have saved a good amount of diesel fuel to operate his generator for 8 hours a day and my laptop needs 1.5 hour to charge for 2 hours.There are other methods to fight the unbearable heat; the heat that is not designed for humans at all, many machines wouldn't work in such temperatures…I can have a shower to refresh and cool my self a bit, right? So I went to the shower and I found that there is no water in the tub! It has been more than a week and the water is so scarce, it either drips or there is no water at all…I think that's great, we only have two big rivers and bunch of river branches with many lakes, we are so lucky to have dripping water once and a while !!!….OK, no need to take a shower I already took one with my sweat and keep in mind there is a sand storm out there!…I'll go to the fridge and drink something cold…Ooops, did I say cold? Sorry for that the fridge is hot and there is nothing cool in it and all foods have rotten and they need to be thrown away, isn't that just great?
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Note: One year ago I had for a short time direct contact with Mohammed, the author of this blog. Two days ago he wrote to me that he will be in Istanbul for holidays during the month of August. So we are in contact again and I hope to find him a descent place to stay, where he and his wife can rest for a month. I admire his courageous and overall attitude, and looking forward to meet him on many occasions in Istanbul. I and Ozlem will be his guide during his stay in Turkey.


Sincerae said…
How exciting! I'd love to meet him too. In fact, I would be honored:)
Unknown said…
Since his wife became pregnant, he announced that last week, plans are changed. He probably will come over for a 10 day visit throughout Turkey..))
Sincerae, still planning to come to Istanbul?
Sincerae said…
Yep, I am still planning to, Hans.

Once schools reopen in September, I hope so:)

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