A divided Belgium, Belgie or Belgique

Looks like that the home of European integration, Belgium, became itself ungovernable.


Ertan said…
maybe with all the trouble the country is going through, they should give the dutch speaking north to The Netherlands and the French speaking south to France.

If that happens then the Dutch have no reason to dislike Belgians :P.

Also one less country to deal with in sports.
Unknown said…
We always will make jokes about people of the South, doesn't matter if they are from Belgium or Brabant (southeren Dutch county) they simple are not that smart as us..))
Maybe Turkey can claim Belgium:

That will be a good match ;P
Ertan said…

watch this.. its about a Belgian company buying budwiser.

I love this guy..
Anonymous said…
Still Heineken is brand no 1, but I understand that this guy is getting drunk: the proud and pride of the USA is bought by dummies..
Hopefully the Dutch will buy Microsoft and Apple..))
Ertan said…
geert.. if you goto his web page you will understand this guy is a comedian. He is acting.

or you can watch his show The Colbert Report on the comedy channel.

ps Heineken is really crap compared to Australian beer.
Anonymous said…
of course I understand that..)) I am not a Belgium..))

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