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After the phone conversation I had with Hans the other day, I tried some internet research (in relevant to our dialogue that among others, referred to the economical crisis that continues to grow globally and multiplies problems especially to those who are less “lucky”) and I came up to the recently published report by UN Development Program, on how bussinesses might include the global poor as potential customers; further more, how poor could get some benefit from collaborating more closely with businesses.

Check it out. I think you will find it very useful and probably might help you create more ideas if you are planning to invest in someplace...


Anonymous said…
“Business models that include the poor require broad support and offer gains for all.”
Kemal Derviş, UNDP Administrator

Is Kemal Dervis a Turk? Why not any info about this in Turkiye?
Dear Valerie, I really don't know...:)

But you do make a point.
Anonymous said…
Dear Christos,
Yes, he is Turkish, and was minister for Economic affairs of Turkey between 2001-2002.
They chase all the intelligent Turks aways, looks like..))
Anonymous said…
Interesting Christos!
Yes, K. Dervis is a Turk, and a smart and intelligent person.
But they don't honor these people in Turkey anymore...
cheers, and thanks

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