Halal candy

The girls of Halal.

Jeremy Deacon is a smart British entrepreneur who is living and working in the Netherlands for many years: Unilever, Sara Lee and Campina are some of the companies he worked for. As a child, he lived in Malaysia for a couple of years and became interested in the Islam. Although not a Muslim him self, he started recently the company Marhaba foods. A company which produce halal cookies, chocolate and confectionary. All made with 100% halal ingredients.
As a marketing strategist he hired the 'Girls of Halal', pretty well known for their unorthodox and assertive approach of issues Muslims face in the Netherlands. Well educated girls, conservative and liberal at the same time, and full of humor. The girls are of Morocco origin but speak authentic Dutch with an nice Amsterdam accent. So, integration is possible....
No English web site available, but plenty on YouTube, not for us in Turkey.
I am sure Sandra and Eva know more about them.


Ardent said…
When I was little my parents told me something was Halal if you paid for it and it was Haram if you stole it.

Later in my years after conversing with other muslims, they told me that Halal was in fact something different.

What is it that makes these goods Halal other than no pork extracts? Or is it just a clever gimmick to capture and sell to a niche market?
VLR said…
Well i guess they fertilize the soil with halal sheep dung. And they only use cotton picked in a very halal way. In a way the cotton will scream OUCH or something. And plastics will be produced with oil from Saudi Arabia, which of course is the halalest country in the world.
Oh and actually cloths are ironed in a halal way too.
Spend your money there and you will keep Allah in his peaceful slumber!

Best regards,
Ardent said…
Vlr, will the process that you explained provide the manufacturer with 'Halal accreditation'?

Who are the 'Accredited certification bodies'?
Unknown said…
Beautiful thought..)))
Ertan said…
if you don't know the meaning of halal im sure you can look it up on google..

Vir. halal dung and cotton.. hardy har har.. you are very funny. maybe i can label you clueless.

Halal means permissible.

Explicitly forbidden substances

A variety of substances are considered forbidden (haraam) as per various Quranic verses:

* Pork meat (i.e. flesh of swine)[Qur'an 2:173]
* Blood[Qur'an 2:173]
* Animals slaughtered in the name of anyone but Allah (God) (there are debates regarding the permissibility of meat slaughtered by Jews, i.e., kosher meat).[Qur'an 2:173]
* Carrion[Qur'an 5:3]
* "Fanged beasts of prey" as per the Sunnah, usually simplified to all carnivorous animals, with the exception of most fish and sea animals[citation needed]

Everything apart from these forbidden (Haraam) items is permitted or halal for all muslims.

* Verses in the Quran say that intoxicants (and games of chance) contain some good and some evil, but the evil is greater than the good [Qur'an 2:219]; most Muslims interpret these verses to forbid any intoxicating substance which may make one forgetful of God and prayer.

There is some disagreement among Muslims regarding seafood, especially predatory sea creatures. IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America) states, regarding the opinion of Islamic scholars:[3]

* All are in agreement that fish with scales are halal
* Sunnis consider all fish to be halal, while some Shias consider only shrimp and fish with scales to be halal[4] Within mostly the Hanafi School of thought, there is a strong position that shellfish (shrimp, lobster, crab, clams, etc.) are prohibited[citation needed].

* Most agree that frogs are haraam due to the prohibition of killing them in hadith.[citation needed] In fact it is common belief among Southeast Asian Muslims that animals who live on both land and sea (such as amphibians, some reptiles, and some species of bird) are off limits.[citation needed]
Ertan said…
also read this its interesting..

i cant believe how some people comment with out researching yet if it was sex in the city. Seinfeld or what not you would google it up.

btw i know wikipedia isn't a real good source.


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