Germany - Turkey 3 -2

Germany won today's match against Turkey in the last minute. Exactly how Turkey won its games against Czech Republic and Croatia. In my opinion this was Turkey's best match, but they lost.
But who are the real winners? Undoubtedly the German and Turkish players. And the common men on the streets in Germany and Turkey. Why? Some Turkish outlets already started talking about 'We finally will take Vienna' and German outlets started to write about that 'we will fight against the Turkish invasion'. 'It will be war' and more of these nonsense.
It was a sportive match. And just only a game. Only two yellow cards.

And for some Turks in Kreutzberg, Berlin, it has been a day of doubly festive.

Note: not a 3-2 for Turkey but a 3 -2 for Germany....


Anonymous said…
It was a wonderful match. A pity we didnt make it to the finals.
But we left a good and sportive impression..))
Anonymous said…
Mert, exactly!
Hope to see Turkey in SA 2010, in the finals against the Netherlands..)))

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