Depressed victory

You must have heard it. Holland won the football match again yesterday with 2-0 against Romania.

My friends were already in front of the telly when I arrived, but immediately I noticed a difference in the atmosphere. Not because I walked in, but because there was a feeling that it didn't matter. National coach Van Basten already gave this impression because the B-team was playing, so we definitely missed our A-team goalie Van der Sar. Stubbornly we raised the Van-der-Sar-song when Stekelenburg prevented the Romanians from scoring goals and still the spirits didn’t raise. Nor the 2 - 0 felt as a victory. Maybe the atmosphere wasn't that energetic because we already knew we were in the quarterfinals. It might be because it was Tuesday. Who knows...

But this Saturday I do expect everybody to wear their huge orange wigs again. That they have the tooters to cheer the team again. That my friends are wearing their orange overalls or t-shirts with 'better 1-0 ahead than 0-1 behind' and that we'll have a huge party at the end. Because I don't watch football because I like it so much. I watch football because I like my friends so much!


Anonymous said…
How can you call a victory 'depresssed'? It was a nice and good match!!..))
Anonymous said…
Eva, when are you leaving for Nepal?
Just to know.
Ertan said…
The Netherlands should win the cup. I cant see anyone else beating them.
Unknown said…
sounds fine with me etan..)))

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