'Tourist enjoys alcohol but not locals'

You really must be nuts if you believe this heading 'Tourist enjoys alcohol but not locals'
Personally, I think that the manager of this hotel is a creepy guy who cause controversy to sell 'illegal' alcohol to foreigners and not to Turks. I am sure that none of the tourists are aware of this but a foreigner living in Turkey will never accept this. I can not even imagine having a nice diner with friends, and they serve only me wine, whiskey or whatever...I will be totally embarrassed!
But more important is, that with these kind of headings - the second this week - you leave a false impression. An impression that foreigners get a special treatment.
To speak about ınternal affairs, these affairs are intenal.
Conversely, a bad hotel, a bad general manager and bad journalist! That makes a bad article.


super hero said…
i really didnt understand what you are opppsing in this article. because the incident happened and even the Minister of Culture from the AKP government accepted this fact and the hotel got a "severe punishment", but obviously for wrong reasons.

im planning to make this the first next topic in my blog, only if i can find enough time for that. perhaps we can exgange some perspectives after then.
Unknown said…
In fact, dear SH, I don’t oppose anything here. But I am sick and tired about this tendentious reporting. Also, the heading cover not the body text, and it doesn’t reflect the reality: a guy – who doesn’t have an license to sell alcoholic beverages - must not sell it to foreigners ‘only’, and not cry like a baby that the AK party is the organization to blame for this. I’m sure that there is a good reason not to allow him serving alcohol, his ethics are below any level. Do you know that in Istanbul and many other Turkish cities and villages it’s easier to sell alcohol than for example the Netherlands or Finland? In Finland you can only buy liquor between 10am and 5pm, depends on city councils and only in state owned shops. Here you can buy alcohol (and liquor) even in small family shops. This whole silly and childish discussion about alcohol and the AKP by ‘secularist’ (which they are NOT) became boring...))
Anonymous said…
A severe punishment? Can not be harsh enough. Do you know how many people in Turkey die every year because of illegal 'construction', 'breweries', 'food poisoning' ???
This is a sleezy hotel, and right that the government (which still has to deal with a bureaucracy established a long time ago)dont gave them a permit.
super hero said…
Dear Tara,

i didnt understand what you are opposing, either. :) but my post is on the way.
Anonymous said…
Dear SH,
I am not opposing anything, but the whole Golden Horn story is so blown up.
WE are waiting when the Turkish governmenet prohibit using wine in our Christian churches..))
Bea said…
I found it interesting indeed that this VIP group went to this particular place. Oh just to have cay with a ch sound!

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