An intelectual debate...

Sometimes, sometimes, I have to laugh so loud, that it really hurts, mentally as physical.
As from today, I will share clips, recently shown on Arab TV stations.

Today: An intellectual debate and what the Germans think about themselves...

Alois Alzheimer
Johann Sebastian Bach
Ludwig von Beethoven
Gottfried Daimler
Albert Einstein
Max Ernst
Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit
Sigmund Freud
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Franz Haydn
Heinrich Rudolph Herz
Carl Jung
Immanuel Kant
Henri Kissinger
Paul Klee
Karl Lagerfeld
Martin Luther
Thomas Mann
Karl Marx
Karl May
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Friedrich Nietsche
George Ohm
Johann Pachelbel
Paul J. Baon von Reuter
Rainer Maria Rilke
Wılhelm Conrad Rontgen
Mayer Anselm Rotschield
etc. etc.

Note; hope that, if Sean or any other German who read thıs, will forgive me, but this debate show the weight of their intelectuals -
EGO didn't teneo, indulgeo mihi, they nunquam servo nos edoctus!


Anonymous said…
I watched it again.
These two guys are acting like two clowns. Or, as we said in the Netherlands, like Jut and Jul..))
Anonymous said…
If this represents the mindset of Muslim inteligensia in the Middle East, I am curious what they will do when their oil fields are dwelled.:))
Anonymous said…
Seams to me, that you guys did not understand the man talking in that video. His analysis of the average Iraqi intellectual is nearly 100 % correct.

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