Happy Birthday Hans!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Hans.

Happy birthday to you!

50 years! A whole half century of living! Woheeeeeeee!!

Have a great, beautiful, sunny, crazy rock and roll day!
With lots of love.


Ardent said…
I sincerely wish you all the very best on your birthday.
I hope the future brings much happiness, good health and prosperity.
Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said…
I wish you a happy birthday, my dear cyber friend..)
Hugs from my fiancee and me.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Hans!
All the best.
Ertan said…
Happy Bday Hans.

Its time to buy a Harley or a Red sports car like all men who reach this milestone.
Anonymous said…
Um beijo doce para você!
Esperança você recorda-me.)
Anonymous said…
Hans, wish you a beautiful day for aa beautiful age!
Anonymous said…
A big kissss from me, thought you were younger..))
Anonymous said…
Happy BDay Hans...

Rock On!
mdlount said…
Happy Birthday Hans, Hope you had lovely day:)
Anonymous said…
My brother, my friend is 50!!!
I still remember your 32 birthday which lasted for almost one day..) Starting at 9pm until the next day 5pm..))
If I didn't check this site for the Hot Israel discussion, I might be to late to congratulate you Hansie!!!
Big hugs from Joyce and me...and will meet soon.
Cheers, witte pinten!!!
Sincerae said…
Happy Birthday, Dear Hans:)
Anonymous said…
Hans, I am still reading this blog. But no time to get involved in some hot topics. Anyway, I wish you all the best, as you try to explain readers here that they can and must act regarding their own way of thiking.
Yes, I send you a warm hug, since you derseve this by bringing people together. And with Sandra here, you must be glad with such a warm friend.
That you don't succeed all the time, is a matter of time and something else.)
Hope you had a lovely day.
Anonymous said…
Hans, maybe too late, but still warm wishes and a happy belated birthday!
Sean Jeating said…
Happy birthday, Hans, and a marvellous second half on your way to become 100. :)
VLR said…
A bit late. But many happy returns Hans!

Unknown said…
Thanks everybody for the kind words!
Anonymous said…
Hans, a belated birthday wish for you. You must be busy with responding to all these birthday wishes here, on facebook etc.)
I love what Erkan wrote about you..'to the best Dutchman ever met' Hope to meet you soon!
All the best from Athens, Greece.
Anonymous said…
Hans, hope you had a nice birthday.

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