'Seventh-Day Lovers'; another exhibition cancelled...

Sooneh Hera is an Iranian born photographer which exhibition is cancelled for the second time within 6 months.
In respond to the remarks made by Iranian mullah’s sock-puppet President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Iran is homo-free, "In Iran we don't have homosexuals like you do in your country (USA). In Iran, we do not have this phenomenon.", she decided to made some pictures of her homosexual friends from Iran.

In order not to reveal her friends identities, she portrayed them with the masks of Mohammed and Ali.
Of course, religious groups such as the Dutch SGP (which didn't allow women to become members of their political party until 2006, and in fact more conservative than than the AKP party) and some Muslim groups showed their 'sensitivities' regarding homosexuality related to Islam, her exhibition in 2007 was cancelled (peer pressure?)

'Practice of the homosexual nature is undesirable. Our guideline in this matter is the Bible." These are the words of the above mentioned religious Dutch Member of Parliament (SGP), adding that if homosexuality were allowed the Bible might have mentioned 'Adam and Ewald' instead of Adam and Eve.
According Sooneh: 'Religion always wants to control human sexuality, most prominently with a compelling taboo on homosexuality. The three major religions always fiercely opposed any deviant form of sexual practice: even today, within the Muslim world homosexuality is a capital offence, with Turkey as a sole exemption.

I have tried to show a recognisable beauty of homosexuals, but also an alienating beauty that to many may be unimagined, or dishonorable."
Prosit, Mr. President of Iran!
Note: I, for myself, will not questiniong the comments written here. The guest, the person who make a comment is King and will have the Last word. But....but sometimes I will get into it..


VLR said…
Hi Hans,
The Hague's city council (LA Hague? A francophile variation?)did not cancel the exhibition in the Gemeentemuseum. It is not entitled to do so. (http://www.gemeentemuseum.nl/index.php?id=034031&langId=en)
A coucillor of the Islam Democrats however tried to tell his supporters it was a victory for his party. Well, one must believe to be religious to start with, i guess.

It was the museum's director mr. Wim van Krimpen himself who had the pictures removed from a group exhibition. He did so after miss Hera spoke to the press before the opening of the exhibition. She called it brave of mr. Van Krimpen to show the pictures. Well, probably mr. Van Krimpen decided not to be brave. It is an unwritten rule that propaganda for an exhibition should be made in cooperation with the gallery or museum. In my opinion both were wrong. Miss Hera gave the impression she was in for some attention (to say the least), and mr. Van Krimpen got the attention he didn't want by acting clumsily.

However, at Art Amsterdam works by miss Hera wíll be shown. According to mr. Harry Ruhé - miss. Hera's gallery keeper - the series with Mohammed and Ali is too big to be shown in the very small space of the arts fair. Such, according to these two articles in the Trouw newspaper: http://www.trouw.nl/laatstenieuws/ln_cultuur_en_media/article974341.ece/Mohammed-fotos_Hera_niet_op_Art_Amsterdam ;
http://www.trouw.nl/laatstenieuws/laatstenieuws/article974694.ece/PVV_tentoonstelling_Sooreh_Hera_op_ministerie . Sorry for international readers, both articles are in Dutch.

Of course mr. Wilders' party (PVV)wants to cash in on this non item about Art Amsterdam. (Sorry, i really think this is a non item and has nothing to do with some authority preventing somebody from giving his/her opinion about islam) PVV wants to show the pictures in the Ministry of Education. And of course the Education secretary says he is not the one to decide what to exhibit.
In the mean time there is no discussion at all about the pictures themselves and their contents. Even worse, now you can only be pro or contra. Not showing these pictures - for any reason! - seems to be a political statement.

By the way Hans, please be courteous and refer to ms. Hera's web site where everybody can see the pictures she has made. http://soorehhera.com/

Enjoy the pictures!

Ardent said…
Hans it is all a matter of interpretation. When Ahmadinejad said, "In Iran we don't have homosexuals like you do in your country (USA). In Iran, we do not have this phenomenon.", I understood it to mean something else.

There are obviously homosexuals in every country in the world. But when Ahmadinejad said that they do not have it like the U.S.A., I interpreted that to mean that they do not have Gay Bars, they do not celebrate the Mardi Gras like they do in the U.S. meaning that homosexuality was underground and still in the closet.

That was how I perceived his statement.
Unknown said…
Thanks Bertus for the comments and links, I read them all.
But homosexuality is noy allowed in the Muslim world, only Turkey!
That was my message.
And homosexuality, to be a person like that, in muslim countries is not a sin like the catholic church but must be punished by beheading.
Is that what you want to defend?
I don't talk about the PVV here. I am talking about human rights, gay or not gay.
VLR said…
Please Hans, do carefully reread my comments. What ever you want to say, suggest or allege, do stick to the facts.
1. The exhibition of ms. Hera’s pictures in The Hague Gemeentemuseum was NOT cancelled by the The Hague city council. It is NOT entitled to do so. Whatever people say about intervention of the Islam Democrats faction in the city council. It was cancelled by the museum (mr. van Krimpen) itself.
2. Works by ms. Hera WILL be exhibited in the Art Amsterdam fair by HER OWN gallery keeper. He will not exhibit the series you are talking about. Because he says the series is too big for the room. A perfectly plausible argument, which has nothing to do with politics, or mr. Ahmedinejad, or Islam fundamentalists, or whoever, or with human rights.

If you want to argue about human rights in general and gay rights in particular, in Islamic countries that ‘s all right. And i agree. But why do you use wrong facts to start with? It takes the sting out of your argument.

And I explained about PVV to show how things can be politicised in a wrong way (as was done by the Islam Democrats in The Hague) and because it was in one of the articles in Trouw.

Best regards,
Unknown said…
Okay Bertus, its clear now..)
But the news I got from NRC left the impression that there was a 'pressure' to cancel the exhibitions.
Will change the content.
Anonymous said…
Dag Bertus,
Maybe you are right in this, but there is a growing pressure on artists, writers etc. not to 'compromise' Muslims in this country.
I don't know where Holland is heading, but I am happy that I have to travel a lot, not getting bothered by all the rules, written and unwritten, of the Netherlands.
Regarding homosexuality, you and I know that they came from far away getting a place in the Dutch society, but it seems that they, together with women, have to start all over again.
Anonymous said…
The matter shouldn`t be about whether there are homosexuals in Iran or not. The Iranian photographer has to know that figuring Mohammed is an unforgivable mistake and a big disrespect to the Muslim poeple. Personally I`m not interested in any exhibition which belongs to a photographer who is ignorant and disrespectful.
Unknown said…
Dear Vedat,
In that case: calling Jesus a prophet is blasphemy, and doesn't show respect for Christianity...
I don't think she is ignorant, probably 'provocative'. But is art not all about that?
Anonymous said…
Does not art require morality? If art reached many people globally, it could urge people to think usefully not in a provocative way. I think I`m right to call her "ignorant" since she is unaware of the requirements of art.
Unknown said…
Dear Vedat,
Gaughin, Van Gogh, Breugel, and so on were considered as not 'moral' painters. Where is the fine line?
Do we have to blown up all the statues in for example Florence since naked men are exposed there.
Since when can a religion impose the 'morality' on others?
What are 'requirements of art'?
Traditional one?
Anonymous said…
Disrespect to the religions is an immorality. We should clean this mess from art because the peace of the people is much more important than artistry.
Anonymous said…
Ha, Vedat, disrespect to Islam you try to tell?
Cleaning the mess what the taliban did in Afghanistan, bombording 'immoral' buildings?
You show exactly that a human life under 'Islam doctrine' is nothing worth, unless sacrificied for a self declaimed 'god', prophet?
I denounce your 'god' since 'it' shows no mercy. Bingo! Throw all the homosexuals out the windows, ist that your motto?
Get a life man. And you study 'international affairs'?
Anonymous said…
Hey, Geert how can you be that much narrow minded? I didn`t mention anything about Islam. I told about the disrespects to all religions but you just try to consider what you wanna hear but I`m not saying what you want to hear and I`ll never.I`m sure that you do not have any knowledge about Islam. It is kknown as Tolerance Religion. And you are completely wrong about my motto! I wish you could be able to differentiate the people who obey the orders of Islam correctly. Then you wouldn`t consider Islam as a monster religion.
Anonymous said…
In fact Vedat, I don't consider Islam as a 'monster religion'. But also not as a Tolerant religion. 5.2 billion dhimmies are witness every day this.
Is Islam tolerating homosexuals? No. That's the point here.
By calling everybody who disagree with you as 'ignorant' 'disrespectful' 'narrow minded' etc. is not a good starter for a heaalthy discussion.
But Peace above all, you are right on that.
Anonymous said…
Greet, The point is that the people who generalize and judge all the Muslims as believing in a dangerous religion for Humanity deserve to be called as "ignorant, disrespectful or narrow minded" not the people who disagree me. I don`t want anyone to damage the honour of neither Muslims nor Christians. When you find out how not to mix the people who understand and carry out the orders of their religion correctly with the others you would be aware of what I want to tell.

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