A common enemy that is called hate

‘Those who accused Dink of being a Turkish agent made him a hero' On Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink, who was murdered by a teenage Turkish nationalist on Jan. 19, 2007, Sarafian noted a particular irony. For years, many in the Armenian diaspora accused Dink of being a Turkish agent for his views that development of empathy between the two communities was not served by genocide polemics. Now that he is dead, those same critics of Dink when he was alive have turned him into a hero'.

“As a historian, my duty is to objectively seek the truth. In the 1990s, I conducted research in Turkey,” he said. However, he and Kaiser had encountered serious obstacles during his studies in the Prime Ministry archives, claiming that they were eventually barred from entering it. The Turkish press was manipulating the exchanges with Turkish History Foundation Chairman Yusuf Halaçoğlu, he said. “Upon Halaçoğlu's invitation to work together, I proposed to center our studies in Elazığ. I asked for a list of Armenians deported from the province. If these people were exiled to somewhere and then continued their lives, there must be records. After this request, Halaçoğlu invited me to Ankara and also told a reporter on CNN-Türk, ‘Sarafian knows well that such incidents never took place under the Ottomans.' After this statement, I decided to put a stop to the decision to work together. Halaçoğlu, with that statement, showed his stance. As a historian, it is impossible to conduct an objective study.”

“We have lived like enemies until now. From now on, we must work for peace,” said Sarafian, adding that the only thing separating Turks from Armenians was religion'.

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Anonymous said…
Turkey made some zig-zag movements related to Armenians, showing some willingness, but was and is never sincerely to solve this dispute. Some Armenians followed the same tactics. It didn't soleve anything.
Looking at the Turkish political parties now, I am not confident.
Times are changed as well; people get access to info so easy. And next to that: our Turkish government proposed for a joint commission to investigate what happened between 1908-1923, but restrict access to their archives. A joke and a shame.

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