The great Turkish hypocrisy

Friday, March 14, 2008 - Turkish Daily News

We know all too well that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s (and most Turks’) selective tolerance to terrorism against Israel has religious connotations. Did anyone complain of ‘double standards’


The Turks, whether in official attire or civilian, often – and not without good reason – complain about western hypocrisy when it comes to terrorism. What they see as unjust and systematically hypocritical is the cliché symptom of real-politik that makes a man shooting and bombing for a political cause someone's terrorist and the other's freedom fighter.

The Turks are right and wrong at the same time. They are right to think that some EU states have discriminated against the Turkish fight against Kurdish terror – due to a combination of reasons of real-politik and of romanticism, with the latter strongly linked to the Turkish state's decades-long denial policy and the oppression of an ethnicity which the Turks never realized was an ethnicity before the shooting began. But they are wrong to think that double (or rather, multiple) standards in recognizing and identifying the terrorist and honestly fighting him apply only to their case.
There have been several examples in world politics, even within EU borders, of the same ethos the Turks think is special to them. How really willing were the French about helping their Spanish neighbors on ETA? How willing were the Americans about helping their closest allies, the British, on IRA? No doubt, these examples can be multiplied.

Turks' own hypocrisy:

But the “uglier” side of the problem about the Turkish perceptions of “systematic international hypocrisy” is not the Turks' belief that they are the world's only victims of foreign support/tolerance for “some” terrorism. The “uglier” problem is the Turks' own hypocrisy. Too sad, if the Turks can be terror-hypocrites it would only be too surprising if other nations are not.

And do these poor Chechens not deserve an independent state after all? Of course, they do. But the Kurds do not. What's the difference? The average Turk does not like the “infidel Russians” whereas the Chechens are “our Muslim cousins.” “Our chaps” can kill children, our enemies cannot. Would the same average Turk sympathize with the Uighur man if/when he resorts to violence, or with the Chinese state? Not too difficult to guess. But there is more.
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Unknown said…
I rn this column of Burak since I like the polemic he maintained with Mustafa A. Without falling in plattitudes, irrational writing and hee made a point about Israel and Hamas/Hezbollah. How can CHP people supporrt the ultra conservative muslims if they can not even stand the AKP?
Anonymous said…
These 'double standards' Turkey are accusing us of, are ridicolous.
Its They who set a bench mark how to use double standards for 500 years.
Sartre - freedom is: you do what others did to you.
Anonymous said…
Great article, refreshed my mind.
Turkey is doing well, economically, but the battle who made this happen is still going on. Or will the dark state, still full of envey that they can not even match the military, social, economical andd political powers of the Wetsren civilizations?

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