EU draft report on Turkey of this week

“Turkish authorities should resolutely pursue investigations into the Ergenekon affair, to fully uncover its networks reaching into the state structures and to bring those involved to justice.“

The Ergenekon gang, a neo-nationalist group accused of involvement in plans to stage a violent uprising against the government, was discovered at the end of an investigation that came upon the heels of a police raid in June of last year that uncovered an arms depot in a house in İstanbul's Ümraniye district. The prosecutor in the Ergenekon case has said the gang worked to create disorder and chaos through divisive and violent acts so the public would be willing to accept a military intervention to restore order.

click here for the report in short.

How much are the events of this Friday and the EU draft report related to each other since the AKP is the only party which is willing to go after the deep state?


Anonymous said…
A party which wone 45% of the popular voted getting banned on something vaque?
Instability and unrest the next weeks and months?
Please don't bother to join the EU anymore, as we expect than that at least one country a month will be dragged into the European court by Turkey..)))
Unknown said…
Not only the EU but also the membership of the NATO is in jeopardy.
Will see to whom 'they' will turn their face to....

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