Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Governance - Elections in India

Gaıri Garpure is a blogfriend from India for over two years. Sometimes she acts as guest writer here. Here peacefull blog entries are always worth reading. This one is here view upon the upcoming elections in her India, and she asked me to run it here...with pleasure!

GOOD Governance - by Gauri Gharpure

As India plunges into nationwide Lok Sabha and Assembly polls this month, my small standing in the country, as her citizen, has suddenly become a hot topic. Why? Because I can vote and suddenly, I am in demand.

But like me, many others who stay away from their hometown and won't be able to make it in time to vote, will lose their chance. Then, many others will stay away for no party seems just right. Then again, many will vote not for a just candidate, but for the caste he belongs to.

Good governance. That's what we want at the end of this mad rat race.

BJP has a huge flipside because of the hardline, anti-minority image it has created for itself. It banks on the good governance bit though.

However, a good governance cannot be reached till a country is plagued time and again with separatist agenda. It cannot be reached till churches are attacked, Muslims and Sikhs are killed in riots and girls are beaten up, told what they should do or wear. It cannot be achieved till a political party decides what suits Hindutva and what does not.

Good governance cannot be achieved till we allow religion and caste to come out of our homes and entangle with everything and anything. There should be a demarcating line between your religion and your being a good citizen. Till we continue to mix the two to dangerous outcomes, we and our future generation won't be in a comfortable state of existence.

Good governance cannot also be reached till we keep on banking on reservation status instead of merit and intellect. Yes, good governance cannot be achieved by the carrot of reservation, when basic primary education is muddled with lax teaching policies, fatal corporal punishments and finding rats in mid-day meals.
On the same lines, good governance cannot be achieved by finding an easy way out, by patronising health biscuits to do away with the labour of cooking a hygienic mid-day meal.

Good governance cannot be brought on sentimentality and emotions. Politicians are cunning, corrupt, divisive. And so, junta should be shrewd, opportunistic and manipulative to ultimately get what it wants. And wants should be prioritized well.

Good governance needs to start from the way down. It has been a long, tiresome wait. We are still waiting...

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Le bonheur de vivre (The Joy of Life) 1905-06 (150 Kb); Oil on canvas, by Henri Matisse

Monday, April 20, 2009

The UN racism conference and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The Netherlands is among 10 other countries which will not be sending a representative to the United Nations' conference on racism, which opened earlier today in Switzerland. One of the reasons is that the Dutch Foreign ministry believes the meeting will be used to place religion above human rights. And that it would not participate "into a propaganda circus" for attacks on the West in general and Israel in particular by countries who’s ‘human rights records are not acceptable, read: Iran, Libya and Saudi Arabia. I don’t think this it’s wise to stay away, you better monitor what’s happening, or not happening.

The growing list of countries which have said they will stay away from the conference are Canada, Australia, Sweden, Poland, New Zealand, Italy, the USA and Israel .
The White House announced that the United States would not be attending, due to what it referred to as "objectionable" language in the draft declaration. Canada and Israel had already announced they would not attend the five-day Durban Review Conference although major changes were been made in the draft statement. Britain has said it will be sending only a low-level delegation, as has the French with the reservation that when ant-Semitist language will be used they will walk out.

The previous anti-racism summit, held in Durban in South Africa in 2001, was overshadowed by criticism from Islamic countries of Israel's continuing occupation of the Palestinian territories. But the biggest problem is the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has repeatedly referred to the Holocaust as a "myth" and called for Israel to be "wiped off the map", and just delivered a speech today which also happens to be the Holocaust Remembrance Day. And his intolerance against women, gays and lesbians, other religions (Bahai, Christian, Jews etc.) will damage this conference its creditability for making him the a ‘Guest of Honor’…

UPDATE: and yes, Ahmadinejad used the time for a blatant hate speech against Jewish people; the who world is suffering 'because the Zionist', which is a political movement not a race....obvious he doesn't know that. fini.

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Indefinite Divisibility 1942 (110 Kb); Oil on canvas, by Yves Tanguy

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Statement #16

Men are suckers for approval. A nod and a smile go a long way to winning the male heart. They want to feel that women have noticed them and that women need them. Best of all would be if women admire them. They'd also like to feel that women trusted them, but that's probably hoping for too much.

From Bluffer's Guide to Men

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By Belgin Zeytin

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Art and culture

Now more than ever, culture, music, art, and fashion have grown increasingly intertwined forming relationships stronger than ever before. A retail store is no longer solely a retail store; instead, it’s a collaborative culture hotbed.

For instance, we are seeing an increased amount of record stores carrying clothing, bookstores carrying music, retail stores carrying home décor and having in-store concerts—as well as some superstores providing all of the aforementioned products in one convenient location.
Stores seem to be thriving on selling a lifestyle and culture rather than a specific product. Now this might not seem like a revolutionary concept, but it is an interesting one to look at in the context of our current economic state.

To highlight this amalgamation of products thrown together to create a specific ‘identity’ are the partnerships between top industry magazines and retail stores. These relationships have become more prominent (and successful) over the last few years. For example, Vice and Aritzia have created a mini-magazine entitled “Secrets and Lies” together, advertising Aritzia’s clothing with the recognizable styling of Vice Magazine.
Urban Outfitters sells a slew of Nylon Magazine-branded goods such as books, artist series plates, DVD’s, CD’s, and MP3 covers. Racked.com notes, “Urban Outfitters creative director Kevin Lyons said Urban is open to any product category Nylon suggests. ‘As the line grows, both of us can grow together,’ he said.”
And they have done exactly that.
It is hard to narrow in on what will be next in the future of lucrative relationships, but one thing is for certain: In a time of economic crisis, it doesn’t hurt to have friends.

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By Belgin Zeytin

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New anti-Islam film in the making...

If one is not enough, rightwing Dutch MP Geert Wilders has told the Dutch De Telegraaf newspaper that he is planning to make a follow-up to his controversial anti-Islam film, Fitna. The maverick MP and leader of the opposition Freedom Party says his new piece will deal with the negative effects of what he calls 'the advance of Islam' in Western countries.
He hopes to receive help from professional film-makers in the United States and says the new film should be ready next year.
A court in Amsterdam last year ruled that Mr Wilders should be prosecuted for inciting hatred and discrimination. Fitna (the word means 'strife' or 'ordeal' in Arabic), is being cited as part of the evidence against him.
I'm not sure what his real purpose is, but if will create some uproar again...

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...spring is coming...
By Belgin Zeytin

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Statement #15

The Dutch are cultural magpies. They keep a beady eye on other people's cultural trends, and are swift to snap up sparkling new fashions. This means that rather than producing an indigenous culture, they have become voracious consumers of everybody else's - true Europeans, whose cultural fads and fancies know no borders. The Netherlands acts as a giant cultural sponge.

From a Bluffer's Guide to Dutch.

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Madrid Wedding

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Computer problems

Last week Thursday my notebook shut down...suddenly.
Can not solve the problem until today. Therefore I am using an old computer which I bought in Miami 2002, which is slow...
Entrecard users: sorry I cannot drop by that often...
Comments here: later.
Thank you for your patience.

Iran accuse the Netherlands of anti-Iran conspiracy

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard is accusing the Netherlands of 'a conspiracy' against the Iranian government. In an official statement, the Guard has said the Netherlands is paying millions of euros to internet sites and radio broadcasters, such as the Amsterdam-based Radio Zamaneh, that are hostile to Iran.The Guard is the protector of the ideas of the Iranian revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979. Its statement has been printed in several Iranian newspapers.The Dutch support for more diversity in the Iranian media is the result of a parliamentary decision in 2005. Reacting to a proposal by the Green Left and conservative VVD parties, parliament decided to spend 15 million euros a year to set up an Iran-oriented satellite broadcaster. When that plan fell through, the money was directed to other media initiatives run by Iranian exiles, in cooperation with Press Now, the Netherlands-based organisation for the improvement of press freedom. Yep, Iran wants to teach the Dutch a lesson in 'freedom of expression'...

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Madrid Streets: 'a way to make money'.
By Belgin Zeytin

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Statement 14

It is a sad truth that while men can stomach sparkles of intelligence from a woman, they find too much intellect indigestible. Intelligent women are a threat... It was a man who ruefully admitted: 'Women are more intelligent than men. They have to be, to convince us so often that the opposite is true'.
From: Bluffer's Guide to women.

Happy Easter

To All Our Readers: Happy Easter

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