Monday, February 14, 2011

Dutch emigrants and immigrants in the Netherlands

Dutch emigrants as bad as the immigrants they complain about
“Increasing loutishness, criminality and the social problems surrounding the Dutch  multicultural society: more and more Dutch people have had enough of our damp and overfull country and are deciding to leave. And this year’s Emigration Fair at the weekend in Amsterdam was busier than ever as a result, the paper concludes. More than 11,000 visitors turned up to browse the world looking for a new home.
Some figures. Most Dutch emigrants head for neighbouring countries Germany, Belgium and the UK. The US is fourth on the list, followed by the Netherlands Antilles. France comes in just seventh, after Poland.
Fresh air, plenty of space, and a similar culture are the appeals of Sweden, at 16th on the list, says one emigrant at the fair. But she doesn’t have much good to say about her fellow Dutch emigrants in the country. “These people don't integrate into Swedish society. They live off their Dutch social security benefit, and after six years they don’t speak a word of Swedish,” aDutch woman in Sweden tells: “And supposedly they all left because they were fed up with Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands.”

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