Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Are scapegoats really necessary???

Yesterday the news of Turkish-Dutch youth feeling neglected and discriminated really struck me. My first impulse was that the Dutch press has found the Turks again to problemize and critisize.
This is just another hype, which is typical for the media. You can compare it with a conjunctural phenomenon that moves between all kinds of minorities, of which the Moroccans were the last subject, fed by mister Wilders' Freedumb Party. But hey, all Turks are Muslims, so why shouldn't we suggest that Turkish youths aren't sensitive for fundamentalism, because they're unable to find a job, so all of them find shelter in the mosque and all turn to extremists...

Well, I dare to call myself a good example of an integrated Dutch citizen, more Dutchified than some self-declared cheeseheads. The fact that I need to explain this or even defend myself is one way or the other pathetic, it illustrates that this well developed nation, which pretends to be highly civilised, has devaluated to a media controlled society, that promotes self fulfilling prophecy.

Back to the core of the case; I wonder if this action of a few so called intellectual Turkish men has been meant to draw some (negative) attention or is it just to kick the butts of a couple of boys and girls who need this message to scare them off? One way or the other, these men should've been aware of the fact that these signals in this era are always referred to Islam, although it's only a minor part of the message. Let me put it this way; if it was only referring to the fact that high educated Turkish young men and women feel that they have a disadvantage in their quest for a job, the news value would have been of a small article on page five in the newspapers. I have had the feeling that my name has been an obstacle in some of my job applications, although I unprovable of course, but I'm convinced that I have been a victim of silent discrimination. I don't mind anymore, I take a positive stand, and too bad for those that didn't select me, my current employer is happy with me!

This is also a signal to all who feel discriminated; focus on the positive effect it can have on your future, you'll make it anyway! As long as you keep your sense, and respect others, even when others try to make you believe something else... Set an example for your peers. Scapegoats of the future, be prepared.

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