Thursday, September 23, 2010

James Bond was based upon a Dutch spy

“The name is Bond, James Bond.” Well that may have been 007’s name, but what was his nationality? According new sources, he wasn’t a Brit at all, but a Dutchman.
Ian Fleming’s famous protagonist was based on resistance fighter Peter Tazelaar, who worked for MI6 in Nazi-occupied Holland. The two had a lot in common: not only did they both carry out dangerous missions, but they were both notorious womanisers.
British historian, Keith Jeffery spent four years researching the archives of Her Majesty’s Secret Service to write an 800-page book on the history of MI6.
Apparently the Goldfinger scene in which Sean Connery as Bond swims to shore after being dropped from a boat wearing a dry suit is based on true life. Mr Tazelaar swam to Scheveningen Beach in November 1941, removed his dry suit and walked into Scheveningen’s exclusive Kurhaus hotel smartly dressed with a sprayed-on air of alcohol about him.
Peter Tazelaar was knighted in the Order of William for his bravery, the highest and oldest Dutch honour. The story of the spy is also told in the Dutch film “Soldier of Orange”. Film buffs will be glad to hear that Ian Fleming’s character Q was also based on a real person.

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