Monday, August 30, 2010

Turkey - Victory Day

Victory Day - Maslak (business centre) - August 30, By Brian Underwood,
Look at Dutch ING their Lion next to the huge Flag of Turkey!

Immigration Provocateur in Germany Crosses the Line

Thilo Sarrazin, infamous for his controversial comments on Muslims and immigration, has unleashed a storm of criticism after positing the existence of a Jewish gene. Chancellor Merkel has had enough and many have called for him to be thrown off the board of the German Central Bank.

Angela Merkel is mad. In a Sunday evening interview on German public television, the German chancellor was visibly irate when asked about the recent comments on integration and immigration by Thilo Sarrazin, a member of the board at the German Central Bank.
"The statements from Mr. Sarrazin are completely unacceptable," she said. "They are exclusionary in a way that shows contempt for entire groups within our society. For me, the worst part is that by confronting the issue the way he does, he makes a discussion of that issue much more difficult."
Merkel was referring to a new book by Sarrazin, excerpts of which appeared in the German press last week. In the book, Sarrazin claims that Muslim immigrants are soon going to outnumber Germany's "autochthonous" (indigenous) population because of their higher birth rates. He also suggested that, because immigrants haven't proven to be as successful in school in Germany, the country is not only shrinking, but it is becoming less intelligent. He also said that Muslims were not interested in integration and hinted that they would prefer to work illegally off the books than to pay taxes.
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Day Opening - August 30

Mt. Sinabung Volcano, Sumatra, Indonesia, erupts 28 August 2010, after 400 years of dormancy

The Istanbulian: Even Cheerleading Is Censored By Erdogan

The Istanbulian: Even Cheerleading Is Censored By Erdogan