Thursday, August 19, 2010

Heroin addicts in the Netherlands

Free heroin approach is successful in the Netherlands. An estimated number of heroin users in the Netherlands dropped from 30,000 in 1983 to 17,700 in 2008. A colour diagram indicates most Dutch heroin addicts are middle-aged. Chillingly, the diagram stops at the age of 59. Ten years ago, a Utrecht city-centre shopping precinct was plagued by the nuisance and petty crime caused by heroin addicts. The city began a trial of supplying the addicts with heroin (rather than methadone) under medical supervision. Not only have the group ceased to cause trouble, but few young people appear to be becoming addicted to the drug. Now, after the approach has been introduced nationwide, heroin addicts have disappeared from the streets of Utrecht and many other Dutch cities. "The addicts are better off because of it. Utrecht is visibly better off because of this project," crows a councillor.
A man in glasses in a clean hospital room is preparing his heroin on a piece of silver foil. Tonny Gijsen was given his first heroin by "hippies" when he was just 13. Now, it's too late for him to kick the habit.
"I've got my life a bit on the rails again," he tells us. "We're a dying breed. Youngsters are more interested in cocaine and speed. If this supply stopped, you'd get a load of bother again on the streets. The dealers would find us again."
Will this solve the problem? As a matter of fact, there is an decrease of using hashies since it was legalized 10 years ago...

Day Opening - August 19

Sail Amsterdam starts today! One of the most impressive shows in the world regarding sailing/boats etc.
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