Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A new Dutch government?

It looks like the Netherlands gets a  minority government (Liberal VVD and Christian Democrats CDA) with the 'support of grace" of the PVV (Party of Freedom - anti-Islamic)
The absence of PVV ministers in this government gives the leader of the PVV, Wilders, a major advantage. He retains the freedom to show his anti -views. Which are for all other parties fundamentally unacceptable, including the CDA and VVD.
But to what extent will the CDA and VVD, especially regarding the anti - Islamic manifestations of the PVV, listen and accept this? And what will have a second edition of the film Fitna for impact on this government since the previous government already had a problem to distance itself from the previous and first one. And more difficult, with all the dangers that the Dutch foreign policy and prestige of The Hague as the legal capital of the world will be damaged by the PVV support to this minority government after the Danish model?

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