Sunday, August 1, 2010

Morrocan-Dutch in the Netherlands

With all the talk of divisive integration policies, it's pleasant to read a Dutch newspaper with a piece suggesting that people from the Moroccan community feel at home in the Netherlands. Well, at least they apparently feel more at home than Moroccans in Europe as a whole.

The conclusion is based on a survey conducted in Ifrane in Morocco at a forum set up for young Moroccans living abroad; Moroccan citizens sent home about five billion euros in 2009. Therefore not surprising that the Morocco government is keen to keep up ties with its nationals building up lives in other countries.

Moroccans living in the Netherlands also had more faith in institutions, such as schools, the judiciary and the police, than their compatriots living and working in other EU countries. However, one negative point came through in the figures: an overwhelming majority of those questioned believe the Dutch have a very bad image of Moroccans. They suggest this is the reason why less than half feel Dutch despite having dual nationality. And why do they have a bad image? To illustrate the image problem of the Moroccan-Dutch, a sensationalist Dutch newspaper, scandalizes it mass readership with an inside headline: "Dozens of gays blackmailed by Moroccans". Interestingly, others runs exactly the same story but doesn't mention the ethnic background of the three young men who did the blackmailing - all aged around 16. They explain that the youths came into contact with their victims on gay internet chat sites. The men were then invited to meet the youths for sex. When they appeared at the designated spot for the date, the men were shown printouts of the incriminating chat sessions. Sometimes more youths were present and violence was used. The victims were forced to hand over as much as 750 euros. Interestingly again, the sensationalist press fails to mention that the youths passed themselves off as underage boys in the chat sessions. Thus their victims were breaking the law in seeking to have sex with minors. Anyway advice is given to gays to take care on the internet even when their pursuits are lawful. An activist warns them not to give details away that may leave them open to blackmail or other scams.

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