Saturday, July 24, 2010

Street interview in Istanbul - Turkey - Part 1

Street Interviews in Turkey - Part 1 from NiMBUS PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Pig pics removed from clinic just in case of...

A story that illustrates what a hot potato multicultural relations can be in the Netherlands is about a painting. An artist whose work was being exhibited at a health centre in the town of Leerdam was asked to remove three pictures of pigs after a complaint that Muslims might take offence at being confronted with images of “unclean animals”. The move led to a storm of protest and even hate mail for painter Sylvia Bosch, who has been left “shocked by the overwhelming commotion”.
Ironically, the original complaint was lodged by a non-Muslim patient at the centre who took no umbrage at the paintings but was worried that Muslims might. A spokesperson for Muslim group SMN who says that despite the good intentions, it wasn’t a smart thing to do. “It isn’t wise to think and feel on behalf of other people. And certainly not for the health centre to take action on this basis.”
The artist, Sylvia Bosch, is astounded. “One week earlier, I had an e-mail from the clinic saying that they were getting nice reactions. After a single complaint, they had to be taken away immediately.”

The Linge Polyclinic has stated that the pictures were removed because “all visitors must feel comfortable in the institution”.
A newspaper concludes that “the flood of negative coverage about Islam has left us with a distorted image of the religion” and that “in the resulting state of confusion, we tend to take bizarre decisions”. In my point of view this is some kind of self censorship well known throughout the Middle East and Turkey.

Arash's World: Thanatos, Schadenfreude and the Self-destructive and Dark Side of the Mind

Arash's World: Thanatos, Schadenfreude and the Self-destructive and Dark Side of the Mind

Day Opening - July 24 - Forgotten Jobs of Turkey (4)

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