Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What is easier: banning the Dutch Dress or the Burqa?

That the FIFA are a bunch of tyrannical leaders, we know that. But that they, The international football association is launching an inquiry and filed a lawsuit against Bavaria and the Bavaria Babes, seemingly for wearing orange dresses only is shameless. It looks like that banning the Dutch Dress is easier than banning the burqa…

Next to that, the women were already questioned for two hours and claim they put under considerable pressure by the South African authorities. One of the three women, Barbara Castelein, says they were treated roughly and threatened with six-month prison sentences, which apparently caused panic and crying fits. Officially Dutch diplomats have not been informed about the reason for arresting the women, but it is clear that the action was aimed at protecting the interests of Budweiser beer, the official sponsor of the World Cup.

Bavaria has been very careful and very clever, the logo is nowhere on the dress and technically, therefore does not contravene FIFA's regulations.
A Bavaria spokesman: "it is an absolute scandal that FIFA arrested girls for wearing an orange dress without any advertising on it whatsoever". In my opinion Bavaria bosses are "laughing fit to bust". The Director Peer Swinkels says, "we could not hope to better, everybody is talking about our dress and name isn't even on it".

Budweiser and Heineken, you are losing this battle! We stand behind our BavariaBabes all the way to the finals!

Day Opening - June 16

Argentinians gather along 9 de Julio Avenue in Buenos Aires as an actress representing Argentina scatters confetti in Buenos Aires on May 25,  2010 for the  bicentennial. (DANIEL GARCIA)
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