Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Barbaric acts of Israeli soldiers, Holocaust victims, anti-Semitism! By Orhan Gengiz

Personally, I don't agree with the word 'barbaric' which Orhan use here for Israelean soldiers. The rest of his article is perfect:
Anti-Semitic and racist messages are pouring into my mailbox. “Turkey should do what Hitler could not achieve,” one message says. “God has always punished perverted societies like Israel,” say another.

One other message says, “Say stop to this murderer and monstrous society which is deprived of dignity and honor,” and the angry remarks continue like that.
Nothing can justify racism. Do not forget, some declared Turkey a “barbaric nation” because of what some soldiers did to Kurds in southeastern Turkey or for what the Ittihadist regime did to Armenians. When you start making these kinds of sweeping generalizations about a nation, you are becoming nothing but a racist yourself.
When Kurds were butchered in the Southeast, I was fighting for justice for the Kurds. I am not a Kurd by ethnicity. During my whole career as a human rights defender, I have always been inspired by a number of Jewish human rights defenders and peace activists. I am deeply impressed with their heroic struggle with their own government. Putting aside all these people and their efforts and stigmatizing a whole nation because of some barbaric acts by some governments and security forces is not only racism but also a great injustice to all these people who fight for justice. You cannot create justice out of this injustice you committed.
Morrreeee herrrreeeeee

The end of Turkey as a secular state

Israel and Turkey were until a couple of years ago, allies. There were strong economic and military ties between the two countries and Israelis used, by their hundreds of thousands, to spend their weekends in Turkish tourist resorts.
Since the AK party was democratically elected in Turkey, in 2002, the country is slowly retreating from the secular heritage and legacy of Atta Turk. Turkey, recently still a candidate to join the European Union and considered to be a bridge between West and East, between Islam and Christianity, between democracy and religious belief and between Israel and Arabs  became instead part of the Middle East conflict siding with Hamas, Hezbollah, IRI and the Sudanese regime. Also, the AK party strongly supports IHH.
This organisation the IHH stands for Insani Yardim Vakfi in Turkish "The Islamic Humanitarian Help Foundation" (in German - International Humanitaire Hilfsorganization) was formed in Turkey in 1992 by a member of the Turkish Refah Party (banned in 1997) and formally registered in Istanbul in 1995, with its main offices in Zagreb and Sarajevo and headquarters in Germany.

The foundation was initially formed to support the Bosnian Muslims against the Christian Serbs in the civil war in Yugoslavia which was largely an ethnic and religious conflict. The Bosnian Muslims had and have long historical ties with Turkey since the Ottoman Empire.
Already in 1996 the IHH was identified by the USA as having connections with extremist groups in Iran and Algeria as part of 15 organizations employing members or otherwise facilitating the activities of terrorist groups operating in Bosnia.
In 12/1997, in a police raid in Istanbul on IHH's offices, police uncovered weapons and explosives. From documents recovered in the search the organization was supporting terror activity in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechnya.
The Danish Institute for International Studies claimed in a report in 2006 that IHH had connections to Al Qaeda and various organizations that supported the idea of Global Jihad. (see previous post)
Today IHH is operating, in cooperation with other Islamic charities in over 100 countries, many of them in Africa, and is conducting many humanitarian operations among the needy in the Muslim world.
IHH is a member of the Union of Good, an umbrella organization of more than 50 Islamic funds and foundations around the globe, channels money into Hamas institutions in the Palestinian Authority-administered territories and since the Hamas took over Gaza Strip, in summer 2007, IHH support mainly the Hamas institutions and activity in Gaza Strip. IHH, which has become an important factor in global fund-raising for Hamas, transfers significant amounts of money to Hamas institutions in Judea and Samaria, including the Islamic Charitable Society in Hebron and the Al-Tadhamun Charitable Society in Nablus (Hamas' two central "charitable societies," both outlawed by Israel).
The secular regimes in Turkey distanced itself always from IHH Islamic activity but since 2002 and the Islamic regime of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, the relations between the Turkish administration and IHH became very close. The growing rift with Israel even tightened the relations to the degree that a so-called humanitarian aid flotilla to Gaza Strip was organized by IHH with the full diplomatic support and backup of the Turkish government. They rejected any suggestion or offer, made by Israel AND Egypt, to transfer the aid and supplys through Israel or any other international recognized organization such as the Red Cross or the UN. We all know about the disaster happening Monday morning.
Today the secular republic of Turkey has ended and islamist play an important role in Turkeys domestical and foreign policy.

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