Monday, May 24, 2010

Underage drinking in the Netherlands

Parents are starting to get the message that alcohol is not good for their offspring. Just four years ago, 25 percent of parents in the southern province of the Netherlands, Brabant, did not see anything wrong with under-age drinking. Now, nine out of ten parents think teenagers should keep off the drink until they turn 16, which is the legal age for alcohol consumption in the Netherlands.

Supermarkets have also become stricter about selling alcohol to youngsters, but researchers at Twente University have discovered that sports clubs and pubs still flaunt the rules.

In 2006, the province of Brabant set aside 800,000 euros for a campaign against under-age drinking. The province's teenagers were among Europe's heaviest under-age drinkers with 90 percent of teenagers drinking before they reached 16.

Under-age drinking affects the development of the brain and damages various organs and can lead to alcoholism later in life. The researchers do not have statistics on whether teenagers are actually drinking less, but they think the change in parents' perceptions is encouraging. "Drinking often begins at home. That is why the parents attitude to drinking is important." Curiously, most parents think other parents do not do enough to prevent their children from drinking alcohol. How curious to blame always The Other.
Anyway, Ösman is under way to Oss, one of Brabant's main cities and a notorious place for the radical left. Lets see how he comment later tonight.)

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