Sunday, May 23, 2010

Statement #37

Religion is like Love; if you take every day a little of it, it can cure. But if you take a high dose day by day, it will be addictive, makes you blind and in the end… kills you.

Day Opening - May 23

Paradise? Argentina...

About Hürriyet - a Turkish newspaper

The Turkish mainstream newspaper 'Hürriyet' is not an example of honest journalism. And certainly not a newspaper based upon news. Rather on rumours/gossip and lazy journalism. Therefore their alliance with the German tabloid Bild.
Andrew Finkel is a well known writer and journalist. Here an article he wrote about their 'ethics'. The journalistic ethics of the Turkish Hürriyet.
Fitch downgraded Hürriyet last year August to a BB- status: unreliable. Here Andrew' story:

Defending freedom of the individual and freedom of the press



Ertuğrul Özkök, the former editor-in-chief and now columnist of the Hürriyet newspaper, has called me personally to account in what is on the surface a peculiar piece.

He likens the Doğan organization he works for to the far-right, Holocaust-denying, anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-everything party in France, the National Front. And he seems to take pride in comparing his own employer to the ultra-conservative head of that party, Jean-Marie Le Pen. At least that is the curlicue logic of his argument, and far be it from me to rescue him from his own eloquence.

It all has to do with Al Capone.
But let's step back many months to when the brouhaha all started. I was commenting in this column on an editorial in The New York Times which accused the Turkish government of unbecoming conduct. The paper rushed to the side of the Doğan Media Group and said that the outsize tax bill which its parent company faced was a clear attempt to interfere with press freedom. I certainly did not argue with the assumption that the fine was politically motivated. However, I said that the Doğan group would be far more worthy of sympathy if it used the power of its media more responsibly and if it had not been so cavalier about other people's rights of expression.
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