Sunday, May 9, 2010

Everybody must get stoned (instead of getting stoned)

The 14 coffeeshops in the city of Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands are offering their customers a free joint on 9 June.

There is one condition: they have to go and vote in the parliamentary elections on that day. The association of coffeeshop owners says cannabis users are generally quite lazy when it comes to civic responsibilities.
In other towns and cities, the coffeeshops plan to close on Election Day in the hope that their customers - since they can't go to their local coffeeshop for a joint - will go to the polling station instead.

The coffeshops are keen that their customers should vote. They are hoping for a return to a more liberal soft drugs policy. The political climate has been noticeably tougher towards coffeeshops in recent years.
Get stoned instead of getting stoned!

Day Opening - May 9

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