Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good to know! Hamas preaching about Apes and Pigs

Personally, I think that this man is simple retard. The Muslim world will conguest Rome? How? They cannnot even govern their own people. But good to know that I am a pig according this 'Imam' of Hamas. What Hamas is doing is simple based upon hate for Jews and Christians...

Teenagers 'driving' parents mad

To obtian a drivers license in the Netherlands you have to take lessons from a recognized driving schoool, and believe me, it will cost you several thousand of $$$ to get that license.
Now people start to take their first driving lesson on the coastal town of Zantvoort’s racing circuit. The controversial lessons have been organised by a go-cart firm. It argues that it gives the children an insight into road traffic. But most of the teenagers are more interested in getting behind the wheel and driving fast than listening to the theory lesson.The teenagers are excited as they step into the driving seat. Their nervous parents have been instructed to grab the handbrake in case of an emergency and if that fails to work, to literally pull their offspring’s leg off the accelerator. Whatever the parents do, they’ve been told not to start shouting. The Dutch traffic safety organisation is appalled by the initiative. “At this age children are not ready to drive cars.” Which is perfectly demonstrated by the teenagers themselves as they jerk and stall their vehicles in the paddock.

Day Opening - April 28

Urarto Fortress, Van, Turkey