Sunday, April 18, 2010


It’s a while ago that I wrote an update but this time some interesting news; some of you wondered why Sandra didn’t write anymore. Good news, last Thursday she gave birth to a healthy daughter. One and a half year after her first born a son! Congratulations Sandra!!

Also, two sites are added to Internations blog rol: one of Blanca, a Spanish woman but born and bred in Sweden where she lived for a while before returning to Spain and Morocco where she spent 4 years until last year when she decided to move back to Spain. Her blog is called Spanish Dreams. Also on the blog roll a blog of a Dutch journalist Jenny Theirlynck called, and interesting blog about Turkey (in Dutch) with sometimes heated discussions. Enjoy both of them.

In a couple of days Ö and I will travel to Syria, for both of us the first time. We will stay there a couple of days and then back to Istanbul to prepare for a 1 week trip to Madrid and Barcelona. We both have been to Spain but not to these cities. So more exiting pleasures. O has here annual meeting/festivities in Madrid so it will be fun. Next year it will be Rio de Janeiro, so we will go to Latin America the first weeks of May 2011 for a couple of weeks, including Buenos Aires! And probably Montevideo/Uruguay as well. Always nice as a company cover all your air tickets and the first week of your stay.
Anyway, the next couple of weeks I will be less on line and for EC droppers...also that will decrease for the time being...

Will Turkic Cyprus or TRNC be a Turkish colony?

Today the Northern part (or Turkish part) of Cyprus called, TRNC (KKTC) will vote for a new president.

The outcome will be extremely  important to the peace talks on the island and Turkey’s bid to join the European Union. But polls indicates that challenger, and hardline nationalist Dervis Eroglu is ahead of the republic of North Cyprus’ incumbent president Mehmet Ali Talat who helds peace talks with the Southern (Greek) part for over a couple of years now.
If Mr Eroglu wins from the more moderate Talat, negotiations with the Greek part of the island could be in jeopardy.
In 1983 the Turkish Cypriots declared an independent republic, which is only recognised by Turkey, while the Southern Part, The Republic of Cyprus is internationally recognized only not by Turkey.
There are ca. 90.000 people originated from the Turkish part living in the TRNC among 160.000 'settlers' of mainland Turkey and around 40.000 Turkish soldiers. Looks like 'colonialism new-style!'
How fair are these elections when settlers (often illegal) can vote in such a crucial election?!
Already in 2003, the PUM, Patriotic Union Movement of Northern Cyprus, stresses at the ECHR, that Turkey should be held responsible for distributing "citizenship" to settlers and draws attention to the Vienna III Agreement, asking the Court to announce that the settlers could not be granted citizenship before a solution in Cyprus is reached.

Day Opening - April 18

Vasco Da Gama Bridge, Lisbon. Portugal (longest bridge in Europe, 17.2 km)