Monday, April 12, 2010

Advertising dictatorship

Netherlands is one of the worst countries for bombarding television viewers with advertising. And I always believed that Turkey and the USA are much worse  But lets take a snapshot: the average coach potato watches a stunning 380 commercials a week, putting the Netherlands in eighth place!  World wide!
Changing channels doesn’t help either. Both public and commercial channels double the amount of time dedicated to advertising by adding trailers for their own programmes. The Dutch Advertisers’ Association is not pleased with the development as the trailers do not help the efficiency of their commercials.And the patience of television viewers in the Netherlands has reached its limit. Only six percent of people say they like watching TV commercials. Part of the problem is that TV advertising is a relatively cheap medium with huge reach, making it attractive to low-budget advertisers. And you don’t need me to tell you that watching cheaply-made adverts increases the irritation factor. Three years ago when commercial channels introduced advertising pop-ups during programmes one viewer was so incensed that he wrote “We are sliding into an advertising dictatorship.” Then we here in Turkey are already in it, next to some 'other dictatorships'.

Underage prostitutes locked up while their pimps walk - update the Netherlands

The Netherlands locks up underage girls who have been manipulated into prostitution. They are held "for their own protection". Their pimpt often go free.

By Merel Thie and Frederiek Weeda

A white sheet lay spread out on the floor. The girl who lives in this room prefers sleeping under her desk instead of on her bed, her supervisor explained. She was neglected as a child and feels safest tucked away in a corner.
The floor-sleeper is one of 60 girls housed at the Alexandra protective care facility for minors in the Dutch city of Almelo. Of all the girls there, 90 percent were exploited by pimps. Sometimes the girls themselves deny they are victims, but if the authorities harbour strong enough suspicions they are locked up at Alexandra nonetheless.
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Day Opening - April 11

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, by Mehmet Akmin